More than a Master Chef, Chef Dario is an artistic, natural teacher and larger-than-life personality. Born on the Istrian peninsula, a former Italian territory, Chef Dario is a life-long student of the Northern Italian cuisine on which he was reared. Many of his creative interpretations, based on the peasant foods and traditional dishes of Northern Italy, reflect his special approach to living and life which seems to complement their Mediterranean and Adriatic origins.

During his extensive culinary career, Chef Dario has achieved a wide range of culinary and personal accomplishments. Over the years, Chef Dario has:

* Began his cooking career aboard passengers ships during the 1960’s where he worked while traveling around the world for three years
* Worked with and learned from fellow Istrian native and celebrity chef, Lidia Bastianich to in New York City
* Received many awards, honors, and recommendations for his excellence in cooking
* Helped over 150 talented, young Istrian émigrés by sponsoring, welcoming, and providing jobs for those who have moved to America from their native land of Istria, Croatia, and Bosnia
* Been invited as a guest chef at the famed Oklahoma State University of Hotel and Restaurant Administration
* Taught and demonstrated his unique food preparations in leading department stores and private classes

Thrilled to be doing what he’s doing, Chef Dario hopes to continue the success he’s had with Ariani and “Simple Gourmet Cooking”, as well as in helping those who are less fortunate improve their lives. It’s a daunting challenge, but Chef Dario looks forward to continuing to spread his cheer, good nature, and great meals to more and more people throughout the world.

Latest News on Chef Dario

* Chef Dario is delighted to announce that his Ariani Restaurant was recently selected as one of Florida’s Top 500 restaurants. It was the only Cape Coral restaurant selected and one of only 24 selected in all of Southwest Florida.

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